We are a small team of people who love cycling and after a few years of experience in this business we decided to design and build our own bike model.
And this time has just arrived in this year when our project is being implemented.

At the same time, I would like to say thanks to Dema Senica a.s., company,to the management and to the employees, who supports us from the beginning of this project.

About us


Our main goal is to make carbon bicycles available to a wider range of cyclists.

Based on our experience, carbon frames are not only lighter but more flexible than aluminum one and the riding is much more comfortable.


Probably it will be very difficult  to enter to the market with new brand. Customers prefer to buy well-known brands even if the quality can be same and the price is more advantageous.
But we will try to persuade them and we hope that we will be successful

as well 😊